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Reuven's Dairy Farm is Building a New Cowshed Farm

"Reuven's Dairy Farm: Halav Lavan" is the cowshed farm of Kibbutz Kissufim, facing the close perimeters of Hamas facilities in the southern Gaza Strip. The dairy farm produced (up to its destruction on October 7th) approximately 4.6 million liters of milk, from around 400 dairy cows and a herd that included about 370 calves and "dry" cows. Until October 7th, the milk marketing was done by the Tnuva company.

Thanks to the work of the dedicated staff and the dairy farm manager, Reuven Heinik, may he rest in peace, the dairy farm was excellent regarding cow health and its milk and product indices.

The Murderous Terrorist Attack on 7/10

On 7/10, the entire State of Israel, and Kibbutz Kissufim in particular, experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks in Jewish history. The kibbutz suffered casualties; Hamas terrorists murdered eighteen and kidnapped 86-year-old Shlomo Mansour, and The battles left much damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Reuben's Compassion - His Life Story

On October 9, 2023, the late Reuven Hinick; Amnon Zarka, the center of the economy; Gil Brauner, farm worker; and Reuven Ben Israel went to the Kissufim farm to feed, water, and milk the cows that suffered as a result of the terrorist attack experienced by Kibbutz Kissufim on October 7, 2023. After the four entered the milking parlor, a bunch of lead bullets were fired at them by Hamas terrorists. The killers' bullets overwhelmed the late Reuven Hinick. And then, following the battle there, the milking parlor was destroyed.

From the Dust of Revenge, We Will Grow Again and Again

The barn is an essential component of the economy of Kibbutz Kissufim and its residents. It will employ about ten workers and continue to provide fresh and healthy milk to the country's residents.

We are turning to you to help us realize the vision of the "Reuven Halav Lavan" farm.


*Kibbutz Kissufim has decided to name the new cowshed "Refet (Cowshed) Reuven - Halav Lavan." According to our vision, the new barn will be one of the largest and best barns in the Negev and the surrounding Gaza area, and will lead in Israel regarding quality, progress, and innovation.

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How to Donate

We are contacting you to help us build "Refet Reuven - Halav Lavan." Your donation to "Refet Reuven - Halav Lavan" will allow us to perpetuate the memory of Reuven Heinik, may he rest in peace, and build a new and leading dairy, and contribute to Kibbutz Kissufim's economy and the State of Israel.


Thank you for your partnership and support with our community and with the country! Together, we will build a better future.

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If you would like to donate using Donor Advised Fund (DAF), check, wire transfer, or corporate matching, CLICK HERE for instructions.


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