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Privacy Policy

The website respects the privacy of its customers.

In addition to the information you provide when registering on the site, the website collects certain information about your computer, through which you browse and perform actions on the site. The information is collected automatically (including through the use of "Cookies") and may include IP addresses, browser type, browsing times and access to the site, the method of browsing and the tools you use for browsing, details about your internet service provider, and the internet site addresses you have accessed (the information provided at registration and the information collected by the site as described in this paragraph will be referred to together as "the information collected on the site"). The information collected on the site may be used by the site for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with services and improve the website and/or services;

  • For the proper operation of the website;

  • To analyze and manage the website properly;

  • To improve the website's customer service;

  • To contact you or provide you with information regarding the website or service;

  • To provide you with requested information or additional information that the website believes may interest you from time to time;

  • To tailor advertisements and commercial information according to your personal preferences;

  • To establish contact with you through representatives of the site regarding products provided by the site;

  • To conduct customer surveys and/or marketing research that the site conducts from time to time.

The website and/or its representatives will not disclose or sell any information collected on the site to any third party, except to those to whom they provide the information collected on the site solely for the purpose of providing a service and completing a purchase process made on the site, and who are also committed to fully protect the confidentiality of the information collected on the site.

However, the website and/or its representatives may transfer information collected on the site to third parties (excluding sensitive information such as credit details, identity numbers, etc.) in each of the following cases:

  • Your prior written consent has been obtained;

  • The website and/or its representatives are required by law to transfer the information, for example, by court order;

  • To protect their legal and proprietary rights concerning this site;

  • In the event of a legal dispute between you and the site that requires disclosure of the details;

  • If you violate the terms of the website or engage, through the website, or in any way related to the website, in actions contrary to or implying a violation of the law, or any attempt to perform such actions;

  • In any case where the website believes that providing the collected information is necessary to prevent serious harm to the user's body, property, or the body or property of a third party;

  • Sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others, and additional advertisers on the network such as Google, Taboola, and others.

Additionally, the website may provide general statistical information only, which is not personal or specific, about the use of the site, such as the total number of visitors to this site and to each page of the site, as well as the domain names of internet service providers of visitors to the site.

If the website merges into the activities of another entity or if the website is transferred to the ownership of another corporation, it may be possible to transfer the existing information on the website to the new corporation, but only if the corporation commits to maintaining this privacy policy.

It is important to remember that it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent protection against malicious and determined activity by external factors, and therefore these actions do not provide absolute security, and the website does not undertake that the services on the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information collected therein.

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