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One Donation at a Time

Kissufim's community needs your help

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Our Story

Our story is the story of October 7th. On this day we, along with tens of thousands of residents of the border communities, became targets to a murderous attack by Hamas on our infants, children, women, men, elderly, and soldiers. One morning, life turned into a hell on earth. A mass slaughter carried out by human beings who violated every human and moral code with a brutality beyond words.


Tragically, nine members of our community lost their lives, and both homes and communal spaces were ravaged and left in ruins. Nevertheless, we have a strong determination to rebuild our lives and restore the community, rebuilding hope. Just as we have no other land, we feel we have no other home. We chose to live in the border area to strengthen our national resilience, and today, despite the tragedy, despite the shattered hearts, the unbearable pain, and the difficult feeling of abandonment and betrayal, we believe that the recovery of our home will help us mend our bleeding souls and reinforce our sense of belonging.

We are reaching out to you with a heartfelt plea, hoping that you might consider making a generous contribution to support our kibbutz, in order to help build a better future. 

Because we can't do it alone. Since October 7th, we have been orphaned; there is no government, no budgets, no one to listen, and no one to talk to.


This is a moment for you to stand with us, to extend your hands in solidarity, and to offer your support so that we can return home someday.

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Kissufim in the News

Ways to Donate

100% of all donations will go towards the community and families of Kibbutz Kissufim - any donation is appreciated.

Please donate via our Charidy campaign page (link below)

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A brief look at the aftermath left by the disaster

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